Sentido Enterprises has deep expertise in a number of fields, including Emotions Technology (facial expressions recognition, micro expressions recognition, group emotions), Smart Textiles, Nanotechnology, Machine Vision, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Health, to name a few.

Aki Bräysy

Founder, Director of Business, Partner, Chairman of the Board

It’s said Aki has some strange magic in him, in the way he’s able to inspire others and create successful ventures out of thin air. Although he’s been in sales and project development in different sectors for 16 years, he’s getting ever hungrier for finding new innovations. This is how Sentido came to life.

Aki’s motto is “people first”, and he sees people and appreciation of others as the most important parts in any business venture. It’s no wonder few can match the skill that Aki has in finding talent and expanding his already huge network of contacts.

Toni Kuparinen

CEO, Tech Advisor, Partner

Toni obtained his PhD in machine vision from Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland. After the graduation, he focused in commercializing research results in healthcare solutions and real-time quality control applications for process industry. During that time, he learned the value of customer experience and gained great insights from previously unexplored business development. He has passion in understanding customer needs and transferring those into a feasible solution even with limited resources and tight schedules. Similarly, Toni has a great understanding on team work, and is able to turn individuals’ ambitions and backgrounds into fantastic results. Although a hard worker, Toni never forgets to keep a smiling face.

Csaba Kertész

Deep and Machine Learning Expert, Partner

Csaba is a C++ developer with robotics, sensor, image processing, deep learning and machine learning skills. He has 13+ years industry experience in said fields, with some academic background thrown in. He has a MSc degree from University of Szeged (Hungary) and pursues his PhD degree in robotics at University of Tampere in his leisure time.

Already as a child Csaba was passionate about the human thinking and computers. He found a perfect way to bridge these interests by programming robots and developing ways to replicate human intelligence. Since then he’s worked at various companies in Hungary and Finland perfecting his C++ skills and learning new technologies. His major focus has been in machine and deep learning.

Viktor Toth

Software Engineer, Partner

Viktor is a mixture of a self-motivated applied science guy, a software engineer and a never-ending source of technological ideas. He’s always getting lost in interests of varying subjects including neuroinformatics, machine learning, AI algorithms, NLP, signal processing, cryptography, game development, distributed complex systems and [fill in the next cool thing here]. His go-to flow state activities are software architecture design, coding, wind-surfing and skiing.

Viktor loves and is at his most useful in startup and academic environments – where ideas are still forming and bases of technologies are built. Thus he’s the perfect guy for Sentido, as well as the chillest in the team.

Himadri Majumbar

Chief Of Physics & Nanotechnology, Partner

Himadri has always been a tech junkie. Technology motivated him to study Physics despite being the next in line of the family-owned business. He took his chances with a career in Science and never regretted it. Invention of electrically conducting plastic (extremely counter-intuitive to common knowledge) in early 2000s drove him to do a Ph.D on the topic. Today, Himadri holds a doctorate in Applied Physics focusing on printed and nano-electronics, is a Docent at two Finnish universities where he has supervised multiple Ph.D and Masters thesis students and has authored 40+ scholarly articles in international scientific journals with 1200+ citations globally.

Himadri foresees great opportunities for Sentido E-textiles based on the latest development in the field of printed and wearable electronics.

Bishal Raj Karki

Software Solutions Manager, Partner

Bishal is a software enthusiast with very profiled management skills and extensive experience in software development projects. Along with his proficient software development skills, he has a very good knowledge of algorithms and UX design. At Sentido, he is responsible for development, deployment and management of in-house software solutions. Bishal has an M.Sc. in Information Technology from the Lappeenranta University of Technology (2008), Finland, and is a PhD student at Lappeenranta University of Technology. His area of research (expertise) are IoT, Overlay networks and mobile environment.

Tommi Kallonen

Software Engineer, Partner

Tommi’s passion with software started in early nineties with Basic language on Amiga. Since then created networked applications for consumers as well as professionals as end users. After getting his Masters degree in IT Tommi worked for several years at the university working with user centric mobile services with non-typical user groups. Later he has shifted his focus from native to web applications and has worked in both startups and established IT companies as a full stack developer.

Tommi excels in developing large scale data-driven web applications with current technologies, and puts these skills to great use here at Sentido.

Elina Ilén

Chief of Smart Textiles & Wearable Electronics, Partner

Elina has deep knowledge on functional and smart textiles and electronics integration technologies.
She has spent 20 years in international teams doing R&D on said areas, from designing concepts to managing projects and supply chain for mass production. She has a doctoral degree in Material Science and E-Textiles, and owns five patents in Smart Textiles and wearable technology.

As a professional, Elina is a challenge seeker. She has a compulsion to help people and create product innovations that improve user’s health, well-being and safety in their daily routines. She sets the bar high for herself and her team members, and as such, upholds the forward-thinking and challenge-seeking work culture at Sentido.

Juha Kemppinen

Mental Health and Emotions Recognition Expert, Partner

Juha is top-level physician specialized in general practice, psychiatry and addiction medicine, who’s also worked as a therapist. In last years he’s created a number of waste-free and standardized processes in integrated mental and addiction care, and has redesigned several psychiatric and mental health units around Finland. Juha is an innovative, proactive, and resilient person who loves to read, paddle kayak, and bicycle longer distances around the lake Saimaa.

At Sentido, Juha is especially enthusiastic about integrating his knowledge of human psyche into easy-to-use, valuable technology.

Juha Solla

UI/UX Designer, Partner

Careerwise, Juha was thrown into the deep end from the very start, managing two major brands’ design on his second year after graduation. He survived though, and gained quite a skillset in the process. Fast forward to today, Juha has solid expertise on both UI/UX and industrial design, branding, as well as prototyping methods and user research.

Although possessing the gift for creativity, Juha has a deeply systematic approach to everything he does. He loves to design systems, which makes him a unusually adept in working with programmers and engineers.

Tuomas Eerola

Technical Advisor, Partner

At Sentido, Tuomas functions an endless source of useful information. He has M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in information processing, and is an Adjunct Professor in computer science and engineering. He’s currently a post-doctoral researcher and project manager with the Machine Vision and Pattern Recognition Laboratory in Lappeenranta University of Technology, and has worked on various projects related to applied computer vision, digital image processing, pattern recognition, and human-computer interaction. He has published over 40 peer-reviewed scientific publications and has received international recognition for his research work.

Xiaohua Huang

Emotion Recognition Technology Advisor

Xiaohua Huang obtained his PhD from University of Oulu in Finland. His doctoral thesis is to resolve the problems of facial expression recognition caused by the challenging environment. He has been a post doctoral researcher in the Center for Machine Vision and Signal Analysis (CMVS) at University of Oulu since 2015, and has been a senior researcher in the CMVS since 2017.

Xiaohua has authored or co-authored more than 30 academic research papers in international conferences and journals that proposed technology for facial expression recognition, micro-expression analysis, group-level emotion recognition and multi-modal emotion recognition.

Tapio Saarelainen

Military Science Expert, Partner

Tapio is what you’d call an expert. He’s a docent in the area of Adaptive Sensor Systems, doctor of Military Science and a Finnish Army Major / Research Staff Officer. Since 2009 Tapio has published twenty-seven academic papers on topics such as information warfare, military command and control systems and free space optics. Oh, and he has also written five books.

As the foremost specialist in the world on above-mentioned topics, Tapio spends a bulk of his time speaking in conferences around the globe.

Onni Hietalahti

Legal Advisor, Partner

Onni is the legal mind in Sentido. His role is to work out the details on sales and partnerships, as well as any IPs that come up during development.

Jukka Evälahti

Senior Advisor, Partner

Jukka has a lifetime of experience in business deals, development projects and networking. Although thoroughly professional, Jukka’s most visible qualities are his sincereness and positive energy.